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Top 4 business culture boosters

Hybrid work arrangements have long been the norm at O2 Web. With employees sometimes working remotely and sometimes at our offices in Montreal and Quebec City, we realized we needed to make a special effort to preserve our business culture. Here are the top 4 initiatives we implemented.


1. Participate in happiness index meetings

We hold regular happiness index meetings to make sure teams feel heard and engaged. What  do these meetings involve? At the end of each 2-week sprint, our teams sit down to share their thoughts, discuss issues and think of solutions to overcome challenges. Each employee rates their state of mind—on a scale of 0 to 5—for the sprint that just ended and explains why they felt that way. At O2 Web, individual happiness is everyone’s business!


2. Give points to worthy colleagues

We use Assembly, an employee recognition and engagement platform, to let colleagues send each other a virtual pat on the back and earn rewards. Each month, everyone at O2 Web gets 40 points called “dinos” that they can give to colleagues in recognition of a job well done or laudable initiative. Once you’ve amassed enough dinos, you can exchange them for gift cards or choose to be paid for a day of volunteer work.

We also hold an annual Golden Dinos Gala to recognize our top performers in all kinds of categories, ranging from serious to not-so-serious!

This unique recognition program is a great way to give our employees visibility and share relevant information within the company.


3. Use Slack to keep in touch

Slack is a chat platform used by all our employees in Quebec City and Montreal. It was designed to replace email as the primary means of communicating and file sharing. Slack lets you organize communications using group chats or private messages, allowing you to find all information and files in one place.
We’ve also created a handful of fun channels so that colleagues can connect on specific topics. Here are a few examples:
#fun: For entertainment and to celebrate birthdays!
#job: For work-related topics
#fun-dinos-recognition: The Assembly channel, allowing you to see who’s recognizing who!
#o2-green: For tips on plants and gardening!
We’ve also got channels dedicated to #movies, #podcasts, #music, #dnd, #recipes and #gaming-night-online!


4. Keep the fun alive with La Clic

Just because we choose to work remotely doesn’t mean we can’t get together to socialize! La Clic is our social club. It was created to keep the O2 Web team feeling like a tight group by organizing fun activities. From cocktail nights to summer barbecues, we’ve got plenty of opportunities to have fun with workmates.
Every year, La Clic organizes a team-building event for our entire workforce so that we can bond and have a good time together. We also keep the fun going with “Break the Routine” moments that consist of fun games between colleagues—including those working remotely!
Want to experience the #O2Spirit for yourself? Check out our Career page and job openings.

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