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White Paper | PWA + Ecommerce = The winning formula

In a mobile first world, speed and ease of use are now the main drivers of conversion. PWA (Progressive web app) is a framework that guarantees flexibility and performance for your e-commerce website. How does it work? We tell you everything in this white paper.

The latest evolution of front-end web technology, the PWA framework has been utilized for several years by large e-commerce brands from Alibaba to the recent launch of O2 Web’s client Zadig & Voltaire. In 2022, PWAs stand at the forefront of e-commerce brand initiatives, and are embraced by small and medium-sized stores looking to capitalize on the broad range of benefits they provide, both for themselves and their customers.

In this white paper, you will discover:

  • The benefits of PWA for your e-commerce website: PWAs are a flexible, scalable and customizable solution for e-commerce brands that want to remain competitive, especially in the mobile market.
  • Requirements for a Successful PWA Implementation: PWAs allow retailers to create custom digital experiences for your customers, but you’ll need to meet certain requirements to succeed.
  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in PWA: Flexibility is one of the main reasons why companies will opt for PWAs. But there are other reasons too!

Download the “PWA+Ecommerce: the winning formula” white paper now!

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