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O2 Commerce at the forefront of defending the place of women in the digital industry

On this International Women’s Day, it’s important to be aware of the persistent challenges to gender equality in the workplace, and particularly in the digital sector. Despite good progress, there are still lags.

In Canada, only 35% of management positions, including middle management, were held by women based on a 2023 report in the media outlet “Les Affaires”. There are still major pay gaps: in the same report it is stated that in 2023, “women earned 88 cents on the dollar in management positions compared to men”. Faced with this reality, companies have an important role to play, and O2 Commerce is committed to constant efforts to create an equitable environment.


At O2, fairness and equal opportunity are top priorities.

O2 Commerce has implemented several initiatives to ensure a professional and equitable environment for all. The company is committed to promoting gender-neutral excellence and constantly strives to ensure impartiality in recruitment and promotion processes.

As of March 1, 2024, women accounted for almost 50% of O2’s payroll – 45% to be exact! What’s more, 70% of management and executive positions are held by women.


Some of our concrete actions

To maintain this momentum, O2 Commerce has equipped itself with tools to counter cognitive biases that could influence decisions in the field. The Success Finder test, which has been used for some time in recruitment processes and in the professional development analysis of in-house staff, is an instrument that assesses an individual’s skills profile using a questionnaire, highlighting their natural strengths at work and the type of collaborator they are. Used by human resources teams and managers, this tool provides an impartial assessment of an individual’s natural strengths that may be job-related, thus ensuring that talent is identified and promoted regardless of gender. This objective approach helps to break down the gender stereotypes frequently observed in the technology field, and promotes equal opportunities for all.

On the other hand, the issue of pay equity, another key dimension of inequality in the digital sector, is also at the heart of O2’s concerns, as part of its commitment to creating an equitable environment. To promote equal pay, the company has introduced a pay grid that classifies different positions according to the nature of their tasks and level of responsibility, regardless of gender. In addition, it adopts a remuneration approach based on the evaluation of technical skills, professional experience and the level of knowledge of each of its employees.

On this International Women’s Day, O2 Commerce is aware of its impact in an environment still lagging behind in gender inequalities and reaffirms its commitment to equal opportunities in the digital sector.


Join us and let’s shape a future together where talent and skills prevails over gender. Learn more.

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