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How to address product catalog challenges in the hardware sector?

The hardware sector hosts some of the richest and most complex product catalogs: thus, the clarity of information becomes crucial to ensure an optimal user experience, especially as consumer expectations evolve, making this need even more pressing.

O2 Commerce recently conducted an exciting case study with a client in the hardware sector whose main challenge was: “Is my product information sufficient for users?”


How to manage a complex product catalog?

In a highly competitive environment, instant access to accurate product information becomes a key differentiating factor. Consumers, accustomed to the efficiency of ecommerce giants, demand similar levels of information, including real-time product availability, delivery options, and shipping times.

As known, the hardware sector stands out for the diversity and specificity of its inventory, ranging from simple tools to specialized equipment. But that’s not all; companies in the sector must also effectively manage their stock to meet customer needs, lest they turn to competitors.

Whether consumers are building professionals or DIY enthusiasts, they seek detailed and reliable information to plan their purchases or projects. These customers expect intuitive interfaces, streamlined purchasing processes, and above all, up-to-date and easily accessible information. Frustration arises when users encounter inconsistencies between online offerings and actual product availability, often leading to abandoned carts and decreased brand loyalty.

So, how can one manage not only a complex inventory but also make it available in the most optimal way possible?


Redefining User Experience (UX) to address product information challenges

Faced with this complex challenge, hardware merchants must ask the crucial question: “Is the product information sufficient for my users?” Companies that overcome these challenges by implementing innovative solutions stand out in the market. They not only increase their conversion rates but also establish a trusting and lasting relationship with their customers.


Our UX toolbox


To help our client find solution paths, our team undertook a thorough analysis to understand user needs and address them effectively. User research, interviews, and tests were conducted via the MAZE platform, allowing for improvement avenues to be established.

Through these analyses, the team identified a primary need: clarifying product availability. Users seek reliable information to plan their projects, highlighting the need for transparent communication on item availability.


Highlighting the availability of a product


Based on user insights, the solution proposed by O2 Commerce was to redesign product tiles and product pages to integrate real-time availability information. This update brought significant value to users, leading to an impressive increase YOY of +47.6% in conversion rates, +7.4% in cart additions, and +121.4% in product page views from the product list page (PLP).



Comparison of results year over year


Listen, test, iterate: The key to success

Companies that listen to their users and commit to improving access to information about their products stand out in the market. This user-centered approach offers a memorable experience and effectively contributes to customer retention.

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