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Meet the O2 social committee: La Clic!

It is often said that happiness at work is measured in large part by the environment and the working vibe in which we engage with on a daily basis. Having moments to disconnect with colleagues is always a good way to create memories and recharge your batteries! Organizing moments of disconnection that break the regular routine and offer each employee the possibility of connecting with their colleagues on a daily basis: this is the mission that “la Clic”, the social committee of O2 Commerce, has given itself. Marie-Laurence, Catherine and Pierre-Luc took the time to explain to us in more detail the backstory of this committee.


1. Why “La Clic” and how long has this committee existed?

Pierre-Luc, Tech Lead: “As far as I can remember, this committee has always existed. It is difficult to put a creation date on it, fun in the office and outings with colleagues have always been part of the daily life of the company and employees have always made sure to share moments outside of work. Whether it’s dinners with colleagues, happy hours or various activities, we make sure to have fun! “La Clic’” became a social committee as the company grew and we needed people who could give a little of their time to allow for a continuous stream of events”.


2. How would you describe the Clic and its responsibilities?

Catherine Martel, Talent Acquisition Specialist: “La Clic is the committee that ensures respect for O2 traditions. It is also there to sprinkle fun events daily that do us all good!”

Marie-Laurence, HR Advisor: “The click is about organizing events that speak to everyone and reach diverse interests. It’s about having fun and taking the time to find out who you’re working with. To put a name to a face and through a memorable moment with a colleague! “

Pierre-Luc: “I would add that it’s about: Interacting with colleagues in other contexts than just between two scrums, it’s also about escaping the work routine and above all coming back more motivated to work with your colleagues. “


3. What types of events do you organize?

We organize all types of activities: from 5 to 7 at Laser Tag, passing by the summer barbecue in the park, or even the office potluck, we try as much as possible to offer diverse and dynamic activities.

We also try to spark daily O2 life with little treats. For example, last Christmas we set up a gift exchange! Recently we also organized an online sports activity on Strava, the goal was for the company to travel to Ottawa by counting the sports activities of volunteer employees on Strava.


4. What challenges do you most often encounter in organizing certain events?

Our biggest challenges are mainly related to the inclusion and adjustment of activities for employees who are located abroad.

We are a flexibility-oriented company, allowing everyone to work remotely at their own convenience. The main challenge is to find activities that bring everyone together, even those at a distance.

We organize, for example, online activities such as “Breaking the routine”: this is a fun 15-minute activity where teams meet and participate in games or challenges in a very friendly atmosphere!

To ensure inclusion, we pay attention to the scheduling of events, we consider in particular parents with children, but it can also be food choices, making sure to respect the tastes of each and everyone.

Another challenge is to organize events that appeal to everyone. To do this, we regularly send out surveys to find out the opinions and ideas of employees.


5. What is the most successful event you have organized?

The event that is unanimous is often “The Retreat”! An unforgettable event for several years, it is synonymous with celebrations, the end of the year, sharing and lots of good fun, which makes it an event that is difficult to dethrone in the hearts of employees. However, each event remains personal and unique to everyone, which means that everyone has their favorite takeaways from these amazing experiences..


6. What is your favorite event as an employee?

Pierre-Luc: “For my part, although I like the Retreat a lot, I would say that Karting à action 500 in 2018 made me laugh and is still engraved in my memory in terms of the best memories at O2! »

Marie-Laurence: “My favorite activity is T-Pain this summer. It was sunny and warm, we really enjoyed a day out of the office together at the water’s edge!”

Catherine: “I’m sticking to the Lasergame activity. I liked competing with my colleagues without causing my team to lose because we were fighting solo. Joking with one another like that was all in good fun.”


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