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Experiencing revenue loss? Maybe it’s because of your ecommerce platform performance

Retail ecommerce sales are projected to reach 8,034 billion by 2027, indicating the enduring significance of online shopping in our post-pandemic lives. Beyond the appeal of your products and services, the success of your business is intrinsically tied to your ecommerce platform. In this blog, we’ll shed light on common factors that can hinder your online efforts and provide practical strategies.


Common ecommerce platform performance issues

It’s no secret that common platform issues can throw a wrench into your ecommerce revenue stream. These technical hiccups can influence user experience and platform performance. However, unravelling these challenges is the key to a seamless and thriving online venture. 


Efficiency of code structure

Inefficient coding can cause slow page loading, frustrating users, and potentially leading to cart abandonment. For every second your platform loads quicker, conversion rates increase by 17%. A slow platform also risks search engine penalties, reducing visibility and hindering revenue potential.


Inadequate optimization of caching

Failure to optimize caching can lead to prolonged load times, increased server load, and diminished user experience, as the system relies on frequent, resource-intensive requests rather than streamlined cached data retrieval.


Suboptimal mobile responsiveness and user-friendly design

According to studies, 91% of shoppers purchase using their smartphones, meaning mobile responsiveness and user-friendly design significantly impact customer satisfaction and retention. If your platform is not optimized for mobile, it can lead to a higher bounce rate and lower engagement.


Lack of optimization of image and multimedia content

Large, uncompressed files can slow page loading times, potentially resulting in customer attrition. Striking a delicate balance between aesthetic appeal and swift page rendering is imperative to offer a positive user experience.


Lack of performance audits

If you fail to perform regular performance audits for updates and improvements, you might see a gradual decline in platform efficiency, damaging your brand’s online presence.


Strategies to improve ecommerce platform performance

Recognizing potential challenges in an ecommerce platform’s performance marks the crucial starting point. The next step is shifting the focus to developing and implementing effective solutions.


Choose a scalable platform aligned with business needs

Brands sometimes choose a cheap ecommerce platform to cut costs, only to discover it’s ill-suited for their business as it grows. Researching and selecting an ecommerce platform conducive to growth and upgrades is essential to ensure customer satisfaction.


Prioritize user-friendly content management systems (CMS)

Prioritize user-friendly CMS for efficient content handling. While developing a custom CMS may seem cost-effective, acquiring the necessary expertise proves challenging. Ill-constructed CMS may harbour security concerns and integrate poorly, leading to a poor user experience.


Embrace Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and headless architecture

Boost platform speed, create app-like experiences, and improve mobile responsiveness by embracing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and headless architecture. PWAs enhance user engagement through seamless navigation, swift load times, and a superior digital experience—critical in today’s mobile-dominated landscape.


Regularly audit and optimize for various devices

Regularly audit and optimize your ecommerce platform for diverse devices, ensuring consistent functionality across desktops, tablets, and mobiles. Tailoring your platform to different devices guarantees a uniform and positive user experience, contributing to customer satisfaction and retention across a varied user base.


Ensure compliance with the latest web standards and security protocols

Uphold trust and safeguard user data by ensuring compliance with the latest web standards and security protocols, showcasing your dedication to data security and user privacy.


Tips to enhance commercial performance

Optimizing selling channels

Diversify your online presence and enhance lead generation by expanding onto various platforms, such as online marketplaces and social media. Remarkably, having a social media presence can increase sales by 32%! Leveraging the unique strengths of each to maximize reach and engagement and generate valuable leads for your business.


Maximizing ROI

Implement cost-effective marketing strategies and continuously refine advertising campaigns to achieve a solid ROI for your ecommerce endeavors.


Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Reduce abandonment rates and increase overall conversion rates by improving platform design and streamlining the checkout process. 


Strategic inventory management

Optimize inventory levels to meet demand without overstocking and implement efficient supply chain practices to ensure smoother operations and improved performance.


Competitive differentiation

Identify and capitalize on unique selling propositions and analyze competitors to refine and strengthen your market positioning within the highly competitive ecommerce landscape.


Together, when tracked through KPIs such as sales, ROI, and conversion rates, these strategies create a comprehensive foundation for boosting your commercial performance and ensuring long-term success for your ecommerce business.


O2 Commerce helps you optimize your ecommerce platform for success

At O2 Commerce, we leverage nearly two decades of expertise and cutting-edge tools to optimize your ecommerce platform performance, ensuring a superior user experience for business success. Our team conducts a thorough performance audit, pinpointing strengths and areas for improvement. We then collaborate with you to craft a personalized road map, delivering tailored solutions that meet your unique business needs. Discover how we can propel your ecommerce platform. Contact a member of our team today!

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