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O2Web and Akeneo announce a technological partnership

We have an exciting number of new projects and are constantly looking to expand our expertise to bring more value to our clients. So it was natural to collaborate with a solution that we know well and that, like us, is a leader in its field.

Over time, we have not only established a lasting relationship with the Akeneo team, but we have also trained our team to bring the best of Akeneo’s technology to our customers.


What is a PIM?

A PIM is a Product Information Management solution. It provides a single place to collect, manage and enrich your products information as well as create a products catalog and distribute it to your sales and e-commerce channels. A PIM solution facilitates and accelerates the creation and delivery of a relevant product experience.

Indeed, it is one of the last touch points with which your customers interact before clicking on the famous “Add to basket” button. Its importance is no longer questionable, which is why product information must be accurate and perfect.

Whether you have a team of 32 people spread over 4 countries or you are the only one in charge in your department, a PIM will be useful to help you manage the work related to product information.


OK, but what does a PIM really do?

Julia, Akeneo’s fictional character, puts into perspective all the benefits and possibilities of a PIM in a business context. With its cartoon format, the video explains in a playful way how a PIM can help your company.

With a partnership like this, the steps to help you build a product catalog have never been easier. We can do an initial analysis of your needs together and better target where it will be important to put your efforts.

Ready to start implementing or wondering if a PIM could help your business? We can help you. Let’s talk about it!

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