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Work environment and professional development: two key factors for employee retention

Did you know that Canadians cite total compensation as the top reason for changing jobs? Total compensation encompasses everything an employer offers to employees. There are three core components: direct compensation (salary, tips, commissions), indirect compensation (pension plan, group benefits) and non-cash compensation.

The third area—non-cash compensation—is where employers can get creative in order to retain employees. “Young workers are looking for a pleasant professional environment, an understanding employer and flexibility,” explained Anne-Marie Gravel, editor-in-chief of Quotidien. Creating a positive work environment and a sense of belonging is a winning strategy that workers appreciate. Investing in these areas is worthwhile for organizations that want to position themselves as attractive employers and gain employee loyalty.

O2 Web understands this new reality. Marie-Laurence Bordeleau (HR Advisor), Émilie Gosselin (VP Growth and Transformation) and Catherine Martel (Talent Acquisition Specialist) are the team behind the company’s strategies to create a truly satisfying workplace where “employees can live their best life.”


Pampering employees to cultivate happiness and fulfilment 

To promote employee wellness, O2 Web has established a strong corporate culture based on flexibility and shared values.

“Most of the new recruits who join our company come here because they’re looking for greater day-to-day satisfaction and a work environment that accommodates their needs. During the hiring process, the most important thing we look at is whether a candidate is the right fit. They need to appreciate our company values because all of our expectations are based on these principles,” explained the trio of managers.

“Employees need to be able to seek and provide respectful feedback, mutual aid and collaboration. They should also be driven to find innovative solutions while working in an environment that gives them the freedom to show initiative.” By ensuring that candidates meet these criteria, the agency is able to create teams of like-minded individuals. 


A workplace that supports professional development

“Moving forward” is a key phrase at O2 Web. It reflects the agency’s view that employees should be empowered and accountable for their own progress. “We believe in giving employees the power to make decisions, show initiative and take ownership of their projects without waiting for approval from their managers,” explained Émilie Gosselin. “Obviously, this implies taking risks, and sometimes making mistakes, but the process helps us grow as individuals and as a group. We like to give our team members the freedom to come up with their own ideas and test potential solutions.” Letting people share their thoughts and continuously improve internal processes helps drive employee engagement, productivity and retention.

By offering this freedom at O2 Web, we’re able to attract dedicated and oftentimes highly experienced professionals who are looking for opportunities to showcase their abilities and grow professionally. The organization encourages in-house talent to seize professional development opportunities. “Employees are given the leeway to be creative and innovative—and it’s clear that this contributes to their job satisfaction,” continued Émilie Gosselin.


The foundation: Clear employer values

O2 Web’s continued growth proves that its strategies are working, as are its ongoing efforts to preserve the agency’s people-first approach and fundamental values, and instill them among new hires. It isn’t always easy to do, but it’s worthwhile. “Over the past several years, we’ve worked hard to communicate our corporate vision and values and to organize social activities for our workers. These initiatives have had a significant positive impact on our business,” explained the managers. 

Finally, having Flow certification also reassures candidates that the company offers flexible working conditions. Employees are drawn by the promise of work/life balance and O2 Web makes a point of delivering on that promise!

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