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O2 Commerce unveils its commercetools accelerator built to power composable B2B commerce

Montreal, October 12, 2023 – O2 Commerce, formerly O2 Web agency, expert in the development and growth of integrated e-commerce solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of a new B2B accelerator in partnership with commercetools, thus revolutionizing the deployment of e-commerce solutions. By harnessing the power of this new accelerator, mid-to-large enterprise companies benefit from a new way to expeditiously create and implement a tailor-made and high-performing commerce platform.


Leveraging its expertise and deep industry experience, O2 Commerce designed this game-changing accelerator to meet the growing needs of B2B companies wanting to deliver exceptional online shopping experiences to their customers, while facing complex and unique challenges to the B2B industry.

Featuring a full suite of pre-built features and seamless integrations with essential third-party services, the O2 Accelerator enables companies to dramatically reduce development and go-live time for their e-commerce platforms. This innovative solution aims to free development teams and entrepreneurs from technical challenges, in order to focus on building strategies for growth and optimizing the customer experience.

“O2’s B2B commercetools accelerator embodies innovation by giving businesses remarkable online shopping experiences and exponential growth, while gaining access to a complete and turnkey solution” – Charles Guimont, President of O2 Commerce.

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